The client of the future will face challenges around speed and agility, not scale and uniformity, and will demand an agency to be custom-built for today’s world — a leaner, more agile strategic and creative consultancy with a collective of multi-skilled experts to support it in solving brand and business challenges.
— Ad Age, December 2015

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Precisely what you need.

Since 2013, Troodon Design Company has been flexing with business marketing challenges. We began as a one man freelance design studio but have steadily been moving toward the creative agency model to better accommodate the "client of the future." We can go small with you if that's your need. We also go big. If you're needs and budget are large we'll pull in as many specialists as it takes because owner-designer Troy Dominy is a creative director at heart. We currently have one full-time employee and almost no overhead so we're lean and agile but represent a growing worldwide network of creatives that can be mobilized when needed. This keeps costs low and project responsiveness high. Everyone wins.

We generally work with four kinds of clients:

The early stage entrepreneur: you don't have the marketing budget for a full-time creative staffer, but still need some projects done to get your company to market. This is becoming the trend even with some of the global brands we work with.

The "one horse town" business owner: your business is remotely located far away from good creative talent and you have better things to do than work with complex creative software. We work with companies as remotely located as Chignik, Alaska!

The overwhelmed director: you have a powerhouse creative team on staff, but they can't keep up with the demand, so you need to push some of the work out of house. 

The field general: you're on the move running your business and traveling. Our motion picture clients are good examples of "field generals". Go save the world--we'll handle it.