Your identity is your most valuable business asset. We love the huge challenge it is to distill EVERYTHING your company represents down to a few simple marks. Let's make sure you have a logo system that powers your brand. Click on recent logo designs below for a closer look! 

Our Logo Design Process

Team is What it Takes

Design firms do this any number of ways, and this design firm has learned over the years that client indecisiveness (stemming from many logo options placed next to each other during the mock up phase) is a phenomena, and it needs to be avoided. There's too much time and money on the line for everyone. So we're proactive about the issue. Here's how this works with Troodon.

After we have agreed on the logo concept together, we will mock up one design. Just one. This design will not be made in haste. It will be well thought out, massaged, strategic, poked, prodded, and relevant to your business market. If it's not, it'll be killed in the creative lab before you ever see it. We'll also place your logo in real life situations to help judge it's potential brand value to your market. For example, if we're doing a logo for your new athletic apparel brand, we'll place it within several images of athletes doing their thing, sporting your logo! Those images will be included in your design mockups for review. When the design mockups are sent to you, they'll have a brand briefing with it describing in detail why the logo is the best possible iteration of your vision.

We've found that presenting our concepts one at a time and in real life settings is the best process for biz owners and directors to visualize the success or failure of a logo identity before it ever goes live.