Being a successful creative firm means having a hirable ability to see in the dark to solve branding challenges successfully for companies of all sizes. Through the dark actually--to the other side. Your creative project has to be successful, so we pride ourselves on seeing through the challenges, the "what abouts," the fears. And quickly.

That's valuable.

$500 Minimum

This is not our first rodeo, so we've established a baseline fee of $500 to open up any project. No matter who you are, what you need done, or how fast you need it--$500 for it to be worth our time. Cost goes up from there the more complex it is. From there, we do have different price tags for different companies in our project estimates.

We bill clients based on these main factors:

  •  The size of your company (number of employees & offices), and annual revenue
  •  What industry you serve
  •  What sort of exposure will the project receive
  •  How long we estimate it will take to produce your project

Bigger companies with large annual revenue will pay more for our services than small businesses or nonprofits. We do NOT use over-the-counter pricing because every project has its own nuances.

No Rush Fees

It's true, Troodon does not apply "rush fees" to work needed ASAP. If a wildfire is burning in your office that needs attention now, we'll work you in right away as long as we have availability. $500 minimum still applies, and we do have a written "Fire Drill Protocol" you must agree to before we can proceed.