Part of being a successful creative firm means having a hireable ability to see in the dark. Through the dark actually--to the other side. Your creative project has to be successful, so we pride ourselves on seeing through the challenges, the "what abouts," the fears.

And quickly.

The creative process is something you deserve to have a feel for before selecting a designer. New clients are often anxious about how this all works and for good reason--branding is usually a messy process. So fear not, we've distilled our process down to 3 phases:


Let's extract your biz DNA.

We'll kick off the project with a short phone call or meeting where you'll familiarize us with your company brand & vision, and then your project goals. We'll then ask questions. If you have a sensitive project that needs a non-disclosure agreement, we can do that.


Let's define project trajectory.

This phase is critical because together we have to get this part right or we risk wasting valuable resources. Some clients have concepts that we execute; some want us to create the concept.

Our ideas come together into concepts, and concepts become a project direction that you sign off on BEFORE design ever begins.


Let's get to work.

Here's where we take the selected concept and work it. We like to compare this phase to the marble sculpture process. Once a material is selected, we knock large chunks out, then use more refined tools to get the details right. Bringing your project to life will be the same. After a direction is chosen, you start receiving drafts whereby you have the opportunity to weigh in, and have your say. We'll go back and forth with revisios until it's perfect. High fives distributed! 

After speaking to several creative design professionals, I engaged Troodon Design Co. to create a multipage (16) sales presentation. I had not been through a process of this kind before and I only had a vague idea as to what I wanted the finished product to look and feel like when we first got started. Right from the beginning, Troy took a significant amount of time to truly understand our target market demographic, our brand, our messaging, and what we wanted the potential client to take away from their time with us.

We collaborated on every aspect of the presentation and he worked, reworked, and refined several concepts leading us to a product that we were both very proud of. Troy continuously brought unique and insightful ideas to the table and incorporated them into a creative, sophisticated, well thought out design. We have been using the presentation now for 6+ months and it has worked incredibly well. The presentation has impressed prospective clients, colleagues, and peers alike. I would not hesitate to recommend Troodon Design Co. to anyone.

I look forward to working with Troy again on our next project. Thank you, Troy!
— Servco Pacific Insurance - Aviation Division, Seattle, WA